Hammerhead Jurassic™ Speargun

ARCHAIC, BRUTAL, and SAVAGE words which perfectly defines both the Jurassic Period and the HammerHead Jurassic™ speargun.  Clean - simple lines are unleashed with a South African inspired Jurassic™ enclosed muzzle and Stainless Steel Shaft.  

A single-strong Power Helix™ Band is effective and fast allowing for quicker reloads and rapid-fire shots.   Internally ballasted barrel reduces recoil, dampens sound, and improves accuracy.

Designed for inter-operability with other HammerHead parts allows Jurassic users to add a second Power Helix™ Band, Remora™ Reel,  Open Muzzle, threaded shaft, or other speargun accessory. Every HammerHead Jurassic™ comes professionally “rocked” with a 17/64” Stainless Steel shaft, mono shooting line, front-end bungee, and loading pad.
» Closed Muzzle
» Pistol grip
» Stainless Side line release
» Reverse Trigger Mechanism
» Power Helix band system with nylon coated Dyneema™ wishbones
» Mono shooting line, loading pad, bungee, & safety grip all standard features
» Hardened 17-4 stainless steel shaft
» Aluminum anodize barrel
» Reel mount
» Assembled in the USA
» 2 year limited warranty under normal usage